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Restore's blog is a weekly space where different topics will be discussed such as Life, the Heart of the church, Family and Kids, Creative Worship, and more! 

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June 17th Jesus’ ability to perform miracles was not dependent on his divinity but on his dependence on the Holy Spirit. If that same Spirit lives inside of… Read more "Kingdom Come: Healing"
June 13th What elicits awe in you? Expansive Oceans? Towering Mountains? Beautiful rivers Architecture Intellect The book of Acts is filled with the movement of an awe-inspiring God… Read more "Kingdom Come…
June 3rd
May 31st Don’t you hate cliffhanger endings?  This is the first message in our Kingdom Come series.   Jesus promises Pentecost and the Spirit to come, but in this… Read more "Kingdom C…
May 22nd 10 years ago Simon Sinek shared a 15-minute talk in a regional TED talk, that would go on to be viewed on Youtube 20 million times.… Read more "Prodigal: What’s Your Why?"