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Restore's blog is a weekly space where different topics will be discussed such as Life, the Heart of the church, Family and Kids, Creative Worship, and more! 

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September 10th Am I good? How do I become good? Is God good? We have an interesting relationship with goodness. We are drawn to goodness, but we are… Read more "Impostor: Goodness"
September 4th “For many Christians, following Jesus means we are just really, really nice.”-Sharon Miller, author Kindness is not simply a feeling of compassion, a smile or an… Read more "Impostor: …
August 26th The impostor of gentleness focuses on the moment rather than the promise. God chose to speak to Elijah in a gentle whisper, it was to draw… Read more "Impostor: Gentleness"
August 21st Patience should be considered more of a “vegetable” of the Spirit, we need it but we don’t really want it. This week in our series on the… Read more "Impostor: Patience"
August 14th
Recently, we started something that could be really special and impactful…our first monthly women’s meet-up. It is a bit overwhelming, but I have sensed God leading in… Read more "Winning the Battle – LaVonne Foix"